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November Market Recap and COVID Alphabet Soup

A sharp acceleration in economic growth, increasing worries about inflation, a reluctant-to-act-against-inflation Fed, and a strong stock market were quickly displaced by news of a new Covid variant on Black Friday. Table 2: Key Index Returns  MTD %YTD %Dow Jones Industrial Average-3.712.7NASDAQ Composite0.320.6S&P 500 Index-0.821.6Russell 2000 Index-4.311.3MSCI World ex-USA**-4.84.9MSCI Emerging Markets**-4.1-6.1Bloomberg US Agg Total Return0.3-1.3Source:…

Year-End Tax Planning and Tips

Looking to year-end Time is short and the holidays are always hectic, but consider carving out some time for year-end financial matters. A number of questions about proposed changes in the tax code have come my way. As the Build Back Better Act winds its way through Congress, early proposals have fallen by the wayside and…

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