Market Update:A Covid Recession and Recovery

The economy hit a peak in February 2020 and bottomed out in April of the same year, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), which is viewed as the arbiter of recessions and economic recoveries. In determining the peak and trough of the economy, the NBER considers several indicators of employment and production.Continue reading “Market Update:A Covid Recession and Recovery”

Watch-out for Stimulus Payment Scams

Since the passing of the CARES Act which included provisions for a $1200 per person stimulus payments scams have emerged to try and cheat or defraud taxpayers of their stimulus payment. The IRS has provided some details on common tactics that are being used by scammers. What is the ‘Corona virus stimulus scam?’ Scammers areContinue reading “Watch-out for Stimulus Payment Scams”